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The I-77 Corridor Region: A Smart Choice for Growing Businesses

Every single one of the I-77 Alliance counties has something to offer, which is why the region is the perfect area for growing businesses. The state of South Carolina offers one of the lowest costs for doing business in the country, and the I-77 region itself is known for its market access, labor pool, and strategic location.

York County boasts a high quality of life and a convenient location, with easy access to Charlotte and its airport. The county has seen over 33% growth in per capita income from 2000 to 2013. Manufacturing, health care, and retail trade make up three of the largest industries in York.

In fact, York County has, on average, attracted more than $200 million per year for business development. It provides a number of business incentives to attract growing organizations, such as helping some companies save on property taxes. York County is also home to the Center for Advanced Manufacturing, which helps prepare future employees to work in the industry.

Chester County, the location of beautiful state parks and natural spaces, is also home to industries ranging from automotive to pharmaceutical manufacturing. It has an impressive Business Retention and Expansion Program that helps Chester County companies grow by providing them with assistance such as fast track permitting.

The county provides financial incentives such as returning part of employee payroll taxes to businesses, and York Technical College provides high-quality technical training for individuals in the area.

Fairfield County, located one hour from Charlotte, provides ample space for businesses looking to expand along with a low cost of land that makes expansion affordable. Its proximity to major interstates as well as the Port of Charleston makes it easy for businesses to maintain national and global networks. The county is also home to a Quick Jobs training facility that equips workers with in-demand skills in a matter of weeks.

Last but certainly not least is Richland County, the southern-most county in the I-77 corridor and the second largest county in the state of South Carolina.

Richland County is home to South Carolina’s capital, Columbia, as well as businesses in industries ranging from professional services to real estate to education. In just one day of driving, the county provides access to half of the people living in the United States, and Richland County provides business-friendly sales tax exemptions to businesses in addition to participating in South Carolina’s state-wide workforce training programs.

The I-77 area has attracted a number of businesses recently, and that number is only expected to grow as South Carolina continues to offer incentives and business-friendly policies to companies seeking to expand. 

Companies ranging from industrial tools manufacturers to insurance companies to information services firms are moving to the I-77 region, and it’s clear why—the area is providing all the support that businesses need to thrive and succeed.

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