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Road Improvement in Richland County Will Attract and Help Business

One of the latest road expansion projects in Richland County is set to attract new businesses to the area by providing them with the road infrastructure that they need to succeed.

Richland County has made plans to extend Shop Road throughout 900 acres of property between I-77 and Pineview and Longwood roads. 

The county is investing $71.8 million in the project, which will help the area develop into the industrial park that community leaders envision it to be. In addition to this major road extension, the county will be widening other roads adjacent to the property.

These road improvements are yet another reason why the Pineview area presents a fantastic opportunity for new businesses as well as those looking to expand or relocate.

The location is very close to I-77, and Interstates I-20 and I-26 also run through Richland County.

In addition, Pineview is located near two rail lines, making transportation throughout and beyond the state easy and convenient. 

It’s not just the transportation infrastructure that makes the area a fantastic place to locate a business, though. The area is known for its high quality of life—with per capita income increasing by over 37% from 2000 to 2013—and its skilled workforce.

Area Development Magazine also named South Carolina the second best state in the US for business. The construction on Shop Road, which is set to begin summer 2016, will continue to create more opportunities for new businesses in the Richland County area.

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