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Railway Guide for I-77 Corridor Commercial Facilities

The I–77 corridor in South Carolina is a highly accessible region, with valuable transportation assets such as train yards, extensive railways, and major and regional airports.

The location of York, Chester, Fairfield and Richland counties along the interstate provides a competitive advantage for companies needing a solid transportation network. Large industrial and advanced manufacturing sites are easily connected to their inbound and outbound products through the railways.

There are several railway freight carrier options for rail–served facilities in South Carolina. Three major railways are routed through the I–77 corridor region, making it a highly rail–accessible region in the Eastern United States.

Railway Guide for I-77 Corridor Commercial Facilities

The three railroad networks serving the I-77 corridor region in South Carolina are CSX Transportation, Norfolk Southern, and the Lancaster & Chester Railroad.

CSX Transportation

The CSX Transportation network covers the Eastern United States, with 21,000 route miles reaching through Ontario and Quebec. The railroad has access to 70 ports and 23 states, and intersects with the Norfolk Southern Line and Lancaster & Chester short line in Chester County.

For businesses not located directly on railroad tracks, CSX offers transloading options such as intermodal service, warehouse services, and bulk shipment through CSX subsidiary TRANSFLO.

View the CSX system map.

Norfolk Southern

The Norfolk Southern railroad operates a major North/South route with terminals in Charlotte, NC and Columbia, SC. View the interactive map of the NS rail system.

The Norfolk Southern network covers 20,000 miles of track to every major container port in the Eastern United States, spanning between New York City and Jacksonville, FL. In total, the line runs through 22 states and the District of Columbia.

The railroad serves a large portion of general warehouses, distribution centers and bulk transfer facilities. A comprehensive list of facilities served, as well as additional information, can be found on the Norfolk Southern corporate profile page.

Lancaster & Chester Railroad

The Lancaster & Chester Railroad is a short line railroad based in Lancaster, SC, which lies 35 miles south of Charlotte, NC.

The railroad serves Chester and Lancaster counties, connecting more than 3,000 acres of industrial properties to larger railways, ports and airports. With 62 miles of local track, the L&C connects to the national rail network through both CSX and Norfolk Southern.

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