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Poly-America Grows with New Facility in Chester County, SC

One of the largest polyethylene film manufacturers in the United States is establishing a 475,000 square foot production center in Chester, South Carolina. Poly-America is investing $100 million in the new facility, creating 300 new jobs in Chester County.

Poly-America benefits from the talented workforce in the region, and the Chester County location enables the company to meet several of their strategic logistical objectives.

Director of Chester County Economic Development Karlisa Parker explains more detail about the project, and the opportunities created for both Poly-America and Chester County. 

How did this project come to the I-77 corridor region/Chester County?
Research was conducted to identify 100+ acre parcels in the southeast United States located near a population center, a major highway system, and with rail access. Chester County met the logistical needs for the company to operate and flourish. 

What made Chester County an attractive site for the company to locate this production facility?
As part of the site selection research, Chester stood out for various strengths:

What was the competition for bringing the project to Chester?
Within South Carolina, a property in the Columbia area was passed on once Chester was determined as the best location within South Carlina. Outside of the state, other possible locations investigated were primarily in Georgia and North Carolina.

What incentives were included to help bring the project to Chester?
A Fee in Lieu of Tax was offered along with a Special Source Revenue Credit.

What special opportunities does Poly-America have because of its Chester County location?
The company has a faster response time for East Coast customers. The location in Chester opens up several opportunities for different markets in the region.

How long was the process for this project to be brought to Chester?
The life of the project spanned 10 years. Here is a breakdown of the timeframe:

  • 2005 – Project brought to Chester County by SC Department of Commerce
  • 2006 – Site visit January
  • 2006 – Focused on sites presented and decided on the 198-acre site in Chester
  • 2006 – Incentive negotiations begin
  • 2006 – Press Release in October 
  • 2007 – Engineering of site began
  • 2008-2013 – Continuing relations with Poly-America as they continued to express interest in establishing in Chester
  • 2015 – Met with Poly-America, adjustment in C/I and FTE’s
  • 2015 – Council Readings took place September 8th, September 21st, October 5th
  • 2015 – Groundbreaking on site took place October 27th

What kind of jobs and opportunities will come out of the new production facility?
300 jobs in technical, professional, managerial, manufacturing, and distribution roles.

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