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Opportunities for Tire and Auto Businesses in the I-77 Corridor

The tire manufacturing industry in South Carolina is booming, and it’s making big news — and a big impact.

The state is a leader in tire production, exporting over $1.6 billion in tires annually. South Carolina is home to 4 of the world’s top 10 tire manufacturers, including Michelin and Bridgestone.

In 2015, Giti Tire announced the opening of a plant in Chester County, a partner county of the I-77 Alliance. Read more about Giti Tire establishing operations in Chester

Opportunities for Tire and Auto Businesses

Various factors make South Carolina an incredible place for new businesses.

First, access to a high-quality and well-trained workforce makes it an ideal location for manufacturers; the state even offers a free workforce training program to companies investing heavily in South Carolina.

Additionally, the state has an advanced transportation infrastructure of roads, air, and railway that supports movement of products.

The South Carolina I-77 corridor’s market access is incredibly impressive; its geographical location provides access to 145,000,000 individuals in just one day’s drive. Read more South Carolina I-77 regional data.

Finally, the state provides a number of financial incentives for businesses that help keep operating costs down, including:

  • Low corporate income tax rates 
  • No state property, local income, or inventory tax
  • No sales tax on manufacturing equipment

In short, South Carolina provides countless reasons for businesses to move to the area!

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