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New Resources Available for Economic Development: County Brochures

The South Carolina I-77 Alliance’s formation was unique. It was created as result of our member counties working together and acknowledging marketing and lead generation should come at a unified regional level. While there is overlap with other Alliances, they choose to be united under a single endeavor and market all of the assets along Interstate 77 from Columbia SC to Charlotte and the North Carolina border.

This collaborative approach will benefit the counties’ economic development efforts, but it is imperative for the Alliance to be able to quickly and accurately convey local economic development research. Because of this, we are pleased to announce the roll-out of our county marketing brochures. Site location consultants, corporate real estate executives, and industry stakeholders can use these documents to quickly understand the demographic and economic composition of each county.

These are not meant to be exhaustive overviews, but instead concisely provide data points that these professionals seek when seeking locations for new operations. These documents will also be routinely updated to provide the most current content available.

To view or download these brochures, please visit: https://www.i77alliance.com/regional-data/maps-brochures

If you have any questions about the documents, the data, or alternative information not shown, please do not hesitate to contact Christopher Finn, SC I-77 Alliance Director of Research and Marketing at chris.finn@i77alliance.com.

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