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Increased Investment in Facility Shows Promise, Growth for York

Silcotech, a liquid injection molding company, recently announced that it plans to increase its initial investment in its York County plant by $2.5 million.

Founded in 1984, Canada-based Silcotech is a leader in the production of specialized silicone parts. The company first announced its expansion to South Carolina in 2013, with an initial investment of $3.5 million dollars. Silcotech established an 18,000 square-foot operation in York County that has created nearly 50 employment opportunities since its opening.

Now, the company is planning to invest even more in its York County site.

Opportunity for Growth in York County

The York County facility is Silcotech’s first location in the United States, and the company’s choice of location demonstrates how the manufacturing industry in South Carolina continues to grow.

The state has seen many domestic and international companies expand to the area in recent years, a move that is facilitated by the incredibly business-friendly climate. South Carolina provides businesses with a skilled workforce, incredible market access, and some of the lowest corporate tax rates in the country, making it an increasingly popular location for companies. 

The state has also implemented various programs specifically designed to attract businesses to the area. One example of this is readySC, which provides customized employee training for businesses moving to South Carolina. Silcotech benefited from this program when moving to the area.

Apprenticeship Carolina, another state program, also helps businesses in the state develop apprenticeship programs. These programs work to demonstrate how deeply invested the community is in creating an environment that helps businesses succeed.

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