Located immediately north of the state capital of Columbia, and just over an hour’s drive south of Charlotte, Fairfield County is well situated for companies and families looking for a little extra elbow room. Fortunately that extra room, and pleasant small town feel doesn’t come at the expense of 21st-century conveniences. Here businesses and residents enjoy lower cost land and a slower pace of life, but when the time is right, they can quickly find themselves at major shopping centers, urban business districts and regional and international airports.

Nature lovers will feel right at home in Fairfield County. Whether you want to launch your boat or just take a quick hike, you're never far from lakes, parks and acres and acres of peace and quiet.

To learn more about the opportunities in Fairfield County, please visit:

Fairfield County Economic Development
Fairfield County Government
Fairfield County Chamber of Commerce


Population Growth

 POP 2013Est. POP 2018% Growth ('13-'18)
Fairfield County 23,109 24,900 7.7%

Per Capita Income Growth (2000 - 2013)

 PCI (2000)PCI (2013)% Growth ('00-'13)
Fairfield County $20,387 $29,271 43.58%

Labor Force & Educational Attainment

 Labor ForceHigh School Graduate4-year degree or higher
Fairfield County 10,133 82% 16%

Retail Sales

 Retail Sales
Fairfield County $389,569,818

Employment Facts By Industry Sector

Industry Sector# of Workers% EmploymentAvg Weekly Wage
Ag, Forestry, Fishing, Hunting
35 0.7% $808
138 2.7% $1,161
2,439 48.1% $1,215
Wholesale Trade
401 7.9% $883
Retail Trade
804 15.9% $523
Transportation and Warehousing
42 0.8% $694
Finance and Insurance
61 1.2% $620
Real Estate, and Rental and Leasing
27 0.5% $418
Mgmt of Companies and Enterprises
45 0.9% $1,706
Administrative and Waste Services
255 5.0% $930
Health Care and Social Assistance
550 10.9% $534
Accommodation and Food Service
199 3.9% $220
Other Services except Public Admin
73 1.4% $536

Major Employers - Private

Company Name# of EmployeesIndustry
V.C. Summer Nuclear Station
750+ Energy
Ben Arnold Beverage Co.
250+ Food Processing
Element Electronics
250+ Electronics and Computers
Lang Mekra
250+ Automotive, Metal Products
100+ Composites and Advanced Materials
Performance Fibers
100+ Automotive, Textiles