Our location is one of the greatest assets the I-77 Region can offer new and expanding companies. 

From the perspective of location, the I-77 Region can offer all of the following:

  • A labor market of hundreds of thousands of potential employees
  • A choice of two major airports, including the United States' 7th busiest, Charlotte Douglas International Airport, with direct international flights
  • Access to 145,000,000 people in a single days' drive
  • Quick truck and train routes to the Port of Charleston, the 8th busiest US container port and 4th largest on the East coast.

What does a market of 145,000,000 people look like? Click the image below to see how your facility in the I-77 region can easily serve any city from the Gulf States to the Great Lakes, and from Miami to New York City. 

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How can the I-77 region offer this unparalleled physical access? It is our unique location, the four-counties centered on the 87-miles of Interstate 77, linking South Carolina’s state capital of Columbia and the Southeast’s financial capital of Charlotte, NC. 

There truly is no other location like the I-77 region!