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I-77 Corridor

Name County Acreage (min) Transaction Details
I-77 SpeedwayChester30For Sale
Floyd Hendrix SiteChester200For Sale
Patel (Interco)Chester38For Sale
Burgess/ShafferChester368For Sale
Lyle TractChester37For Sale
AMEChester30For Sale
L & C Tract LChester198For Sale
Oliphant/Leitner #2 SiteChester59For Sale
Chester Research and Development ParkChester309For Sale
Patel # 1 Industrial SiteChester88For Sale
Chester Technology ParkChester119For Sale
Gwendolyn P. BosticChester17For Sale
HWC Industrial SiteChester25For Sale
L & C Tract MChester409For Sale
L & C Tract AChester330For Sale
L & C Tract CChester18For Sale
L & C Tract IChester281For Sale
Richburg SiteChester270For Sale
Chester County Ind. SiteChester204For Sale
William States Lee ParkChester97For Sale
Gaston Industrial ParkChester3For Sale
Interstate Business ParkChester115For Sale
John A. Black (A)Chester115For Sale
L & C Tract JChester5For Sale
Colonel's Pointe Industrial ParkChester90For Sale
John A. Black (B)Chester100For Sale
John A. Black (C)Chester185For Sale
John A. Black (D)Chester65For Sale
John A. Black (E)Chester275For Sale
John A. Black (F)Chester200For Sale
John A. Black (H)Chester147For Sale
John A. Black (I)Chester30For Sale
John A. Black (J)Chester126For Sale
Oliphant #1 Industrial SiteChester122For Sale
L & C Tract P Industrial SiteChester292For Sale
Weyerhaueser Site Fairfield30For Sale
I-77 International MegasiteFairfield1,141For Sale
Buchanan Site Fairfield130For Sale
Hwy 34 Ridgeway Rail Site Fairfield125For Sale
Walter B. Brown II ParkFairfield10For Sale
Fairfield Commerce CenterFairfield5For Sale
I-77 Prezioso SiteRichland42For Sale
Crane Creek Development, LLCRichland6For Sale
Carolina Research ParkRichland26For Sale
Kaiser Industrial SiteRichland10For Sale
Northpoint Industrial ParkRichland5For Sale
Blythewood Industrial SiteRichland668For Sale
Pineview Industrial ParkRichland10For Sale
Carolina Pines Industrial ParkRichland10For Sale
I-20 at Percival and Clemson RoadRichland20For Sale / For Lease
Shop Grove Commerce ParkRichland13For Sale
Farrow Road Industrial SiteRichland35For Sale
Enterprise Campus at Midlands TechRichland3For Sale
Firetower Road Business ParkYork10For Sale
Daimler SiteYork396For Sale
Westgate Industrial Park - Hall SiteYork10For Sale
Marine Drive SiteYork4For Sale
Porter Road - 28 AcresYork12For Sale
Aspen Commerce ParkYork10For Sale
East York Industrial Park - 30 AcresYork30For Sale
Lazy Hawk SiteYork14For Sale
Legacy Park West - Site AYork20For Sale
Johnston Farms - Site AYork25For Sale
Lakemont Business Park (MPV) - 27 AcresYork27For Sale
Lakemont Business Park (MPV) - Site 6York15For Sale
Legacy Park East - Building 7York13
Legacy Park East - Building 1York21
Legacy Park East - Building 2York50
Lakemont Business Park (MPV) - Site 1York21For Sale
Lakemont Business Park (MPV) - Site 2York15For Sale
Blanchard Blackwell SiteYork10For Sale
Walker SitesYork88For Sale
Riverwalk Business Park - Site CYork23
East York Industrial ParkYork7For Sale
Riverwalk Business Park - Site FYork11
Waterford Business Park - Site A1York15For Sale
Waterford Business Park - Site BYork5For Sale
TechPark Business Park - Site HYork1For Sale
Waterford Business Park - Site A2York8For Sale
TechPark Business Park - Site IYork1For Sale
Johnston Farms - Rail SiteYork16For Sale
TechPark Business Park - Site GYork8For Sale
TechPark Business Park - Site L/TYork10For Sale
TechPark Business Park - Site MYork3For Sale
HWY 274 Steadman SiteYork173For Sale
Southway Industrial ParkYork2For Sale
Lakemont Business Park (MPV)York161For Sale
Riverwalk Business Park - Site DYork16
Antrim Business ParkYork2For Sale
Albright SiteYork10For Sale
Bradley Industrial Park - EastYork11For Sale
Westgate Industrial ParkYork5For Sale
Hickory Hills Industrial SiteLancaster48For Sale
L & C Sites A&BLancaster20For Sale
US 521 Site, LancasterLancaster400For Sale
KCH Industrial ParkLancaster6For Sale
Town of Kershaw Commerce ParkLancaster5For Sale
Lancaster Air Rail Park Lot 1Lancaster8For Sale
Lancaster Air Rail Park Lot 3Lancaster9For Sale
Perimeter 521 Industrial Park Site #00Lancaster4For Sale
Fosters Crossroads Industrial SiteLancaster5For Sale
Lancaster Business ParkLancaster10For Sale
Springland Industrial SiteLancaster33For Sale
Ann Taylor Industrial SiteLancaster5For Sale
Bailes Ridge Corporate ParkLancaster3For Sale
Edgewater Corporate ParkLancaster3For Sale
Edwards SiteLancaster20For Sale
9124 Charlotte Highway (US 521)Lancaster5For Sale
Heath Springs Industrial ParkLancaster3For Sale
Hinson SiteLancaster50For Sale
Rosemont Business ParkLancaster2For Sale
MacMillan Industrial ParkLancaster33For Sale
Lancaster Air Rail ParkLancaster5For Sale
Hauss PropertyLancaster5For Sale
Name County Size (Sq Ft) Transaction Details
Lippert ComponentsChester108,400For Sale
R & I Repair Shop, Inc.Chester4,800For Sale
HMS 2 LLC former Artistic StatuaryChester4,200For Lease
Industrial Piping Inc. (IPI)Chester85,000For Sale
Solostructures BuildingChester21,000For Sale
Snowball PropertyChester10,850For Lease
Hopelyn 2Chester12,000For Lease
Springs Close PlantChester236,210For Lease
Springs Katherine PlantChester627,241For Sale
Superior Essex Chester225,000For Lease
Oliphant & Company - Bldg 1Chester56,000For Sale
Oliphant & Company - Bldg 2Chester56,000For Sale
721 Hwy 321 Winnsboro Fairfield109,000For Sale
30 Commerce BoulevardFairfield65,895For Lease
Charm Building Fairfield175,000For Sale / For Lease
Phillips GraniteFairfield21,102For Sale
Fazzio Building Fairfield175,000For Sale / For Lease
Fairfield County Speculative BuildingFairfield75,000For Sale
1 Guardian WayFairfield676,548For Sale / For Lease
1281 1st StreetRichland29,000For Lease
1 Sunbelt CourtRichland42,000For Lease
206 Business Park BlvdRichland19,614For Sale / For Lease
406-412 Huger StreetRichland26,000For Lease
649-651 Rosewood DriveRichland47,245For Lease
Former SCE&G Gas Operations CenterRichland98,700For Sale
130 Cort RoadRichland40,000For Lease
1080 Jenkins Brothers RoadRichland200,200For Lease
Ponderosa SpecRichland42,000For Lease
728 Vine StreetRichland40,000For Sale
1351 Key RoadRichland45,000For Lease
Hinson CabinetsRichland24,080For Sale
Bluff CommonsRichland20,000For Lease
412 Buckner RdRichland24,260For Sale / For Lease
916 Rosewood DriveRichland34,722For Sale
419 Huger StreetRichland18,000For Lease
10700 Farrow RdRichland280,468For Lease
1124 PineviewRichland42,965For Sale / For Lease
Former Westinghouse Air Brake PlantRichland40,821For Sale / For Lease
1400 Atlas RoadRichland20,000For Sale
River Park at 77York275,963For Lease
Silcotech BuildingYork18,700For Sale / For Lease
Lakemont 77 - Spec BuildingYork370,000For Lease
Lakemont - 547 Kings Ridge DriveYork217,606For Lease
Former Clariant Chemical PlantYork19,100For Sale
Legacy Park East - Building 8York193,750For Lease
Legacy Park East - Building 4York460,800For Lease
2031 Carolina Place DriveYork20,184For Lease
Lakemont - 600 Greenway Industrial DriveYork102,124For Lease
Composites OneYork54,500For Sale / For Lease
Southcross Corporate CenterYork24,727For Lease
1960 Langston StreetYork150,000For Lease
East York Industrial Park - Spec BuildingYork40,000For Sale / For Lease
Lakemont - 587 Greenway Industrial DriveYork121,767For Lease
Lakemont East Spec BuildingYork201,788For Lease
420 Bryant BoulevardYork35,000For Sale / For Lease
Waterford Spec Building #2York40,000For Sale
Atlas Copco BuildingYork185,935For Sale / For Lease
Arva Manufacturing FacilityYork52,257For Sale / For Lease
2145 Pageland HwyLancaster4,945For Sale
Valmet BuildingLancaster104,500For Lease
US Textile Lancaster157,053For Sale
Duracell BuildingLancaster349,475For Sale
Grace Supply WarehouseLancaster73,718For Lease
Grace Receiving WarehouseLancaster753,000For Lease
Grace BleacheryLancaster828,000For Lease
Grace Screen Print Greige WarehouseLancaster225,000For Lease
Available Park/Site Available Building

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