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Name County Acreage (min) Transaction Details
Daimler SiteYork396For Sale
Westgate Industrial Park - Hall SiteYork10For Sale
Marine Drive SiteYork4For Sale
Porter Road - 28 AcresYork12For Sale
East York Industrial Park - 30 AcresYork30For Sale
Lazy Hawk SiteYork14For Sale
Johnston Farms - Site AYork25For Sale
Johnston Farms - Site BYork42For Sale
Legacy Park West - Site AYork20For Sale
Lakemont Business Park (MPV) - 27 AcresYork27For Sale
Lakemont Business Park (MPV) - Site 6York15For Sale
AME SiteYork31For Sale
Legacy Park East - Phase I BYork13
Legacy Park East - Phase II Building 1York21
Lakemont Business Park (MPV) - Site 1York21For Sale
Lakemont Business Park (MPV) - Site 2York15For Sale
Blanchard Blackwell SiteYork10For Sale
Walker SitesYork88For Sale
Riverwalk Business Park - Site CYork23
Randolph Yarns SiteYork15For Sale
East York Industrial ParkYork4For Sale
Riverwalk Business Park - Site FYork11
Waterford Business Park - Site A1York15For Sale
Waterford Business Park - Site BYork5For Sale
TechPark Business Park - Site HYork1For Sale
Waterford Business Park - Site A2York8For Sale
TechPark Business Park - Site IYork1For Sale
Johnston Farms - Rail SiteYork16For Sale
TechPark Business Park - Site GYork8For Sale
TechPark Business Park - Site L/TYork10For Sale
TechPark Business Park - Site MYork3For Sale
HWY 274 Steadman SiteYork173For Sale
Southway Industrial ParkYork4For Sale
Lakemont Business Park (MPV)York161For Sale
Riverwalk Business Park - Site DYork16
Antrim Business ParkYork2For Sale
Albright SiteYork10For Sale
Bradley Industrial Park - EastYork11For Sale
Westgate Industrial ParkYork5For Sale
Name County Size (Sq Ft) Transaction Details
Legacy Park East Spec BuildingYork193,750For Lease
Lakemont - 547 Kings Ridge DriveYork217,606For Lease
ATS BuildingYork57,017For Sale
Lakemont - 600 Greenway Industrial DriveYork102,124For Lease
2550 Vernsdale RoadYork18,500For Sale
Lakemont 77 - Spec BuildingYork370,000For Lease
Composites OneYork54,500For Sale / For Lease
Southcross Corporate CenterYork24,727For Lease
East York Industrial Park - Spec BuildingYork40,000For Sale
Lakemont - 587 Greenway Industrial DriveYork121,767For Lease
Lakemont East Spec BuildingYork201,788For Lease
420 Bryant BoulevardYork35,000For Sale / For Lease
200 Interconnect DriveYork110,300For Lease
Waterford Spec Building #2York40,000For Sale
Waterford 2York67,200For Lease
PowerTec BuildingYork22,500For Lease
Atlas Copco BuildingYork185,935For Sale / For Lease
Arva Manufacturing FacilityYork52,257For Sale / For Lease
Available Park/Site Available Building

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